To quote the residents of Northern Westeros, winter is coming, and the best way we can prepare is to look back at our favorite frozen stages in video game history. We first saw ice and snow become a factor in the early platforming games of the 1980s, where the normal, intricate jumps you had to make were challenged with the introduction of sliding around. Since then, we've seen all kinds of wintry wonderlands incorporated into gaming. Most of these stages consist of frozen tundras, slippery slopes and ice-coated platforms that altered the dynamics of how you'd usually play. As the years passed, we saw ice stages significantly change the fundamental gameplay of the title itself. Instead of worrying about slipping off an edge, you had to worry about maintaining body heat and avoid freezing to death. Other games had you lost in a fierce blizzard where it was hard to keep track of your directions and destination.

Of course, one of our favorite gameplay features that have been synonymous with ice stages would have to be sliding. Whether you're snowboarding, sledding, skiing, rolling or just sliding down a snow or ice-covered hill, we've had plenty of fun in the past due to ice stage mechanics. While sliding is fun and all, we're also fond of how these frozen stages look, as they tend to offer a sense of isolation that really puts the focus on the character(s) you're controlling at the time. Get the hot chocolate ready and make sure you walk like a penguin to avoid falling as we trek through the frozen landscapes of the 10 Best Ice Levels in Video Games.

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