Hasbro Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set Review
For a team that came together due to a special event, A-Force made more of an impact than the short life of their solo series would have you believe. The all-woman team of Marvel heroes got their shot during Secret Wars, and then spun off into their own series the Marvel U proper following the end o…
Skylanders: Imaginators Review
With a big cast of characters, colorful scenery, fairly clever joke writing, and pick-up and play gameplay, Skylanders: Imaginators feels like a playable Saturday morning cartoon where you can insert your own hero into the fray.
Lego Dimensions Review
Now back again one year later with a wealth of new content, Lego Dimensions is poised to cement itself as the preeminent toys-to-life game.
E3 2016: Lego Dimensions Year Two Preview
How do you take one of 2015's most successful and fan-favorite games and improve on it for a sequel? Well, if you're Lego Dimensions, you just don't make a sequel. Instead, you spend all that time just adding to the formula that got the original incarnation of Lego Dimensions so much …
Skylanders Superchargers Review
Skylanders Superchargers is the latest iteration of the popular toy-to-game series coming out of Activision and Vicarious Visions. In addition to the 117 fully playable characters from the previous entries of Skylanders comes 20 new characters, some brand-new and some favorites re-imagined, for the …

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