Bungie has revealed on Twitch how Destiny: The Taken King's new Court of Oryx mode works. We also learned about the expansion's new Raid.

The latest Bungie broadcast on Twitch revealed all kinds of new details about the new Court of Oryx feature coming to Destiny: The Taken King as well as the game's third Raid (courtesy of Polygon). The Court of Oryx will be a series of public events in the new Dreadnaught area that will have you and some partners fighting a series of bosses. Unlike the timed public events that seem to spawn randomly throughout the zones of each planet in Destiny, the Court of Oryx must be initiated by the players. Guardians will need to head to the Dreadnaught and use a consumable item called a Rune (which drops off enemies in the area) in front of the statues outside the Court of Oryx in order to initiate its challenges. Don't worry, it won't be easy to miss them, as Bungie designer Ben Wommack claims these statues were inspired by a certain Team Ico game in terms of their "colossal" size.

There are three different difficulties for the Court of Oryx's challenges which are generated by the type of rune you use to initiate the sequence. Some of these bosses have unique mechanics that deviate from your usual engagements of shooting from cover. One sequence had two bosses whose shields would drop only if they were right next to one another. Another boss' shield would only disappear if a Thrall detonated near it. Expect all kinds of challenges when the Court of Oryx opens up alongside The Taken King.

Everyone was up in arms about Destiny's third Raid not being ready in time for the expansion's launch. In all honesty, we wouldn't want it open right away, as it takes time to hit the max level and score some gear. Bungie has revealed that Destiny's next Raid, King's Fall, will be launching three days after the expansion goes live. As you'd expect, you're going to have to explore Oryx's ship, the Dreadnaught, and taken on the Taken King himself.

Destiny: The Taken King will launch on Sept. 15.

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