The latest video teaser for Destiny: The Taken King gives us our first listen at Nolan North's take on the Guardians' robotic Ghost companion.

"Why do you think they crashed their ship into the Dreadnaught? Those are extreme tactics for the Cabal." 

The sample we got of Nolan North's depiction of Ghost from Destiny is short, but it's more than enough to reassure us that the character is in good hands... or vocal cords. Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage was heavily criticized from his uninspired, monotone and seemingly phoned-in performance of Ghost from Destiny. It didn't hurt that the game's script is heavy on the unexplained jargon, but Dinklage's bored voice didn't help try to convey any emotion or meaning for players. Due to Dinklage's crammed schedule (and most likely due to negative feedback to his performance), Bungie has recast Ghost with the voice of veteran voice actor Nolan North.

Even though this teaser trailer only featured two lines of dialogue, the emotion and slightly computerized twang in Nolan's voice sounds perfect. Nolan is redoing all of Dinklage's lines from the core game as well. Unfortunately, Nolan is reportedly said to be redoing Ghost's dialogue verbatim as they originally were, so we're still getting all that nonsensical, unexplained jargon that you can find in a Grimoire Codex somewhere in the Destiny app that hardly anyone cares for or uses (please make an in-game codex, Bungie).

Destiny: The Taken King will launch on Sept. 15. Pre-ordering any version of the game (including its standard and collector's editions) will score you the Suros Arsenal DLC for free, regardless if you go for its physical or digital version. The expansion costs $39.99 by itself. There's also a collector's edition launching on Sept. 15 that'll bundle together the core game, its previous expansions, The Taken King, three exotic class items, three armor shaders and three class emotes for $79.99. Also, we have learned that veteran Guardians (who have reached level 30 or have purchased the two previous expansions by Aug. 31) will be getting some special VIP awards for buying and playing Destiny: The Taken King. These bonuses include an Emblem, an Armor Shader, a Ghost shell and an exclusive Sparrow mount.

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