Bungie has launched its big 2.0 update for Destiny today, which sets up a lot of changes going into next week's launch of The Taken King expansion.

Polygon reports that Bungie has launched its v2.0 Destiny update. Destiny v2.0 is a pretty hefty update, as it's 18 GB on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and 10 GB on last-gen consoles. Destiny update 2.0 sees the debut of Nolan North's redubbed dialogue of Peter Dinklage's Ghost. Dinklebot was recast due to the actor's tight scheduling conflicts according to Bungie, but I'm pretty sure it also has to do with the lukewarm response fans had to Tyrion's uninspired and seemingly phoned-in performance. Next to Nolan North's debut as your Ghost AI companion, Destiny is getting all kinds of overhauls when it comes to its major features and functions. Destiny will be getting a Quests tab on its "pause" menu, which will let you follow up to 16 different bounties and quests. You are now able to track up to four different quests/bounties on your gameplay screen. Best of all, you can turn in your bounties without having to return to the Tower.

The most significant change will have to be the Light system, as it is no longer defining your level. Players can now traditionally fight and quest their way up to level 34 (which increases to 40 once The Taken King debuts). Levels are used to restrict you from specific content and missions whereas Light determines your attack and defense values given to your pieces of gear. While you're able to participate in events that require higher Light values, you won't do as much damage and you'll be hurt faster if your Light number is subpar. In terms of inventory, update 2.0 doubles vault space and eliminates the need for ship, emblem and shader item slots. Also, Vanguard and Crucible marks are being changed into commendations.

Destiny: The Taken King will launch on Sept. 15.

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