Get your acrobatic Kill Bill on as an impressive gameplay demo for Ronin goes live on Steam.

Devolver Digital's newest game was made through a partnership with Tomasz Waclawek and together they have finally released some demo levels of Ronin on Steam. We previously heard about Ronin when Devolver Digital released a trailer for it back in January, but now we will finally get to play as the vengeful heroine who is out to take down corporate America with just her own two hands. There will be three different levels in this demo version that will get you pumped for the official release of the game.

Ronin will take you on the path of revenge where you will be purely focused on five different people of whom you want to basically beat to a pulp. You can use a razor wire or your deadly katana through 15 different complex missions. However, if you choose to, you don't have to fight at all. You can also use a holographic replicator and a grappling hook in order to help exact your revenge.

There will be two different versions of the game, the standard edition and the Digital Special Edition. The latter will include not only the game, but also an exclusive full-color digital comic and the full original soundtrack in both MP3 and FLAC formats.

You can pre-order the two different versions of Ronin on Steam now for 10 percent off the retail price, where the standard version is $12.99 and the Digital Special Edition costs $19.99.

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