Turn-Based Strategy Games

A turn-based strategy game involves players taking turns when playing. Most turn-based strategy games offer both one player missions where turns are taken between the player and the computer, as well as multi-player games where players compete against each other. Real time strategy games are completely different, as players play the game at the same time.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review
The Mario Brothers have been around nearly as long as video games themselves, and have starred in just about every single kind of game you can play. In all those decades however, Nintendo's Mushroom Kingdom heroes never faced the gridlocked life of tactical strategy. Apparently, they were just waiting for Ubisoft's goofball Rabbids to provide the impetus. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is one of the best games in Ubisoft and Nintendo's partnership, and is a surprisingly strong strategy game to boot.
E3 2017: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Preview
The week of E3 is filled with so many games, it's often hard to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Sure, there are major sequels fans have been waiting for and splashy new titles from respected studios, but it takes a special kind of game to be heard above the traditional noise. One way to accomplish that is by doing something completely unexpected, say like teaming Mario up with the Rabbids. That only gets your foot in the door though. By making that mash-up a quirky tactical-strategy game in the vein of XCOM, you don't only get into the room, you take over the conversation.
Star Wars Commander Update Will Have You Working on Squad Goals
Two years ago, Disney Interactive launched Star Wars Commander, a base-building strategy game set in the Star Wars universe. Players could choose to enlist with the Rebellion or the Empire in an effort to either save or control the galaxy. Since the Commander's start, Disney has been updating the mobile game with new content to keep the adventures feeling fresh, but this past week, Star Wars Commander got a major update that would finally give players the feeling of taking part in a massive battle. With Squad Wars, players and their squads can now take on other squads in huge engagements, fighting over control of Sullust. The update features the same asynchronous combat you might be used to, but since the battles take place over 24 hours, you can coordinate with the other members of your squad to work out effective strategies for the best results. We chatted with Andrew Fazekas, executive producer on Star Wars Commander, Joe Canose, Star Wars Commander's lead designer, and Dave Feder, Commander's product manager, to learn more about the mode and what it does to separate Star Wars Commander from the competition.
Into the Stars Review
When a player ventures into a rogue-like pilgrimage game, there are certainly things to be expected. The game should deliver an experience that provides a player with the tools to plan a successful journey tailored to their favored playstyles while providing them with a mass of random obstacles bent on stretching their every resource and leaving aforementioned success in critical jeopardy. Randomness is the name of the game and success or failure can be luck of the draw just as much as careful resource management. Into the Stars is the type of game that will push you on those very grounds and once you’re in it, the journey is great the first few times. Unfortunately, some glaring bugs and technical issues take luck of the draw to a level that quickly sucks the fun out of the experience.
XCOM 2 Review
It’s been a while, but it’s time once again to return to the Commander’s seat. XCOM 2 is a return to form almost entirely in the best of ways. Firaxis Games has had over three years since it began a successful reboot with XCOM: Enemy Unknown. That said, the developers not only shook the dust off the rebooted product, but reinvigorated it with enhanced features on most of the things that made Enemy Unknown fun. The game is not without flaws and shortcomings, but it has enough quality substance to overcome most of its problems.
Galactic Civilizations III Review
Galactic Civilizations III neatly follows the path set by its predecessor, setting you up as the leader of a race of alien (or not-so alien) beings who are trying to thrive and survive in any way possible.

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