Mojang, the developer behind Minecraft and the card battle game, Scrolls, has announced that it will be shutting down Scrolls and "Echoes" will be its last content patch.

In an update on the official Scrolls website, the Scrolls team has announced there will be no new content for the game after "Echoes." In Echoes, players, or "Scrolldiers" are they are called, were given access to 60 new scrolls, replays, custom matches, a "Judgement" mode and more.While no new features or sets will be released, the team will continue to keep an eye on balance.

Gamers interested in the card game can still purchase and play the game and all of its current content, but just be warned that all of the servers will only run until July 1, 2016. While it might seem like a waste to purchase a game that will shutter in about a year, the team said, "All future proceeds will go towards keeping Scrolls playable for as long as possible." If you believe in the product and care to battle with scrolls, then you've got to keep it fueled with your cash.

The team ended the update by thanking all of the loyal Scrolldiers who have played the game and made it a positive gaming experience for all. You can contact them by using the "standard channels," so jump into the forum or blast of an email or tweet if you want to express your Scrolls-infused feels.

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