Dennaton Games has started taking pre-orders for a physical box set of Hotline Miami 1 and 2, but the company remains adamant that Wrong Number is the last call for Jacket and Richter.

Hotline Miami Gamer's Edition is the physical bundle of the '80s and '90s-filled murder-fests that we always wanted. While Hotline Miami 1 and 2 are already quality titles on their own, Dennaton Games threw in enough bonus goodies to seal the deal. Once we saw the cassette mixtape, we were sold. While this set is quite awesome, there are a couple drawbacks, such as it being PC-only.

The other big drawback is in Dennaton's description of the bundle, which suggests we won't be seeing Hotline Miami 3: Wronger Number: 

To mark the arrival of the second and final Hotline Miami game, we’ve partnered with Dennaton to create the ultimate version of its ultra-stylish, ultra-violent top-down shooter series. Everything in this Gamer’s Edition is specified and designed by Dennaton.  This is a one-off compilation that will never be offered again, so grab one while you can.

That's right — it says "final."

This box set of Hotline Miami includes both both games on DVD and Steam, including the Digital Special Edition of the sequel. Dennaton is providing custom packaging and cases for both games. To keep things as '80s as possible, there is a C90 mixtape included, which hopefully includes the amazing tracks of Wrong Number. There is also Dayjob Studio's Hotline Miami 2 comic paperback and 5 "Cameo" trading cards included. The bundle will feature a custom art card. For all you taggers out there, there is a 50 Blessings spray paint stencil.

For only $60, that's a pretty sweet deal for two of the most unique, intense, stylish and awesome games of recent memory. Dennaton is taking a Kickstarter-esque approach to fund Hotline Miami Gamer's Edition. They need, as of this article's publication, roughly 1,200 more orders to start production of these bundles, and they're currently at the halfway mark with 16 days left to go until this set ships and is gone for good. Unfortunately, you're going to have to go digital if you want Hotline Miami 1-2 for PlayStation consoles. If you'd like to order the Gamer's Edition bundle, you can do so at Dennaton's official site.

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