Mixing our favorite aspects of both Half-Life 2 and Hotline Miami, Thomas Kole's Half-Line Miami has finally launched. And you can play it for free.

While Half-Life 3 might be stuck in development hell, Thomas Kole decided he's going to take one of our favorite first-person shooters of all time and introduce it to Dennaton Games' 1980s-style murderfest. Instead of looking through the eyes of Gordon Freeman, you get to watch the Gravity Gun-filled chaos from a top-down perspective. That's right — Kole intertwined both Hotline Miami and Half-Life 2 in Half-Line Miami, and it's just as fun as you were hoping.

You'll get to blow away all kinds of Antlions, Headcrabs and zombies with the iconic Gravity Gun, making excellent use of the Hotline Miami-esque decor of Kole's stages. Kole made multiple maps for this project, and fans of both franchises should be able to find something they love here. Why worry about Hotline Miami's insta-kill rushes of brutality when you can just levitate a crate or blade and launch it towards enemies at ridiculous speeds. I have to admit, Sung's soundtrack for the game is quite catchy and warrants a listen on its own.

If you're still not convinced by the trailer featured above, you can actually download Half-Line Miami and play it for free. Forget going outside, forget the pre-season, forget moving into your dorm, forget Summerslam, forget Fear The Walking Dead, just play Half-Line Miami.

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