We may never get Half-Life 3 or Hotline Miami 3, but these two fan favorite franchises collide in an amazing mashup.

If your mind was not blown watching Hotline Miami's gameplay given a Half-Life-themed makeover, then it will once you learn that creator Thomas Kole is working on a legit, playable build of Half-Line Miami. Kole has four maps designed already, where you'll be playing in Hotline Miami's top-down perspective, but with a Gravity Gun instead of the usual melee weapons and guns that Jacket favored. We're certainly liking SUNG's soundtrack for the game, which kind of caters to both franchise and is quite appropriate to this awesome mashup. From the second we heard SUNG's synthesized beats paired with Kole's revamped visuals in the trailer, we knew we were in for something special.

Here's what Kole had to say about the project on IndieDB:

Alright, look at that. Most gameplay stuff is done, now it's down to making maps.

I've got 4 maps now, Point Insertion, Route Kanal, Water Hazard, and a bonus level.

All physics interactions work as expected, all gameplay elements are in place.

All that's left to do is replacing the sound system, as it currently only works on windows 8, and cleaning up some code.

Unfortunately, there's no window as to when we can expect to awesome crossover. Until then, we'll just have to rewatch this trailer over and over to watch Kole's top-down gravity gun in action. While we don't want to nitpick, Kole's level designs could be a bit more friendly to the Gravity Gun. Nevertheless, we eagerly await Half-Line Miami's debut.

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