Tomasz Waclawek's unique, turn-based action platformer, Ronin, will be leaping out of Steam Early Access' shadows next week.

Devolver Digital and Tomasz Waclawek are gearing up for Ronin big release next week and are celebrating with a new trailer. Waclawek is preparing Ronin for its big mission, so there are some final tweaks to be implemented and tested in the Early Access version. You can expect some awesome animations, intuitive designs, thought-provoking levels, sick stealth sequences and samurai fighting. With 15 different missions, you'll have your work cut out for you when it comes to painting the walls red.

Ronin follows a badass heroine who wants to take down a powerful and evil corporation by eliminating its five leaders, each with his own compound you'll have to get infiltrate. You'll have to garrote-wire or katana-slash your way through a bunch of security personnel in order to take down this evil conglomerate. Be sure to remain silent and undetected before you strike. You can even use a holographic replicator and grappling hook to get to the perfect spot for the bloodshed to start. Since things are turn-based, you'll have to plot each step and action you make while factoring in what your enemies are doing.

Ronin costs $12.99 on Steam and currently has a 25 percent discount special going on. Its Digital Special Edition will cost $19.99 (also with a discount) and includes the game, a full-color digital comic and a digital soundtrack.

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