Make sure you keep your hair short, Clementine is coming back to find salvation from both The Walking Dead and Carver's posse.

Telltale Games has recently tweeted a teaser of "In Harm's Way," the third episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two. Regardless of Clementine's decisions at the end of Episode Two, "A House Divided," the cabin survivors must deal with the treacherous Carver. When Episode Two ended, Carver had his men surround Clementine and the cabin dwellers, and despite what Kenny did with his rifle from afar, things looked awfully bleak for the group.

How will Clem try to liberate Kenny and the rest of her companions from the clutches of Carver? We will see once The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 3 arrives soon for PS Vita, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and mobile devices.