The spectacular game XCOM: Enemy Unknown will finally become available to Mac users. Hopefully soon, uncovering the secrets of the alien invasion will not be reserved to those running Windows.

Feral Interactive, a company with some decent experience in porting games, will be handling the move over to OSX. This turn based game lends itself well to PC controls and this new port will allow gamers of every system to enjoy taking down aliens one strategic move at a time.

The Elite Edition coming to Mac will include all the previous DLC and the upcoming Second Wave pack that introduces a plethora of brand new gameplay abilities, items, and options to make the title even more challenging and enjoyable.

No official release date has been set, but we hope it gets here soon. We think there's a blue light coming from the closet and we can feel our brains being taken over. Only the XCOM team on Mac can save us now!