According to a recent post over at Joystiq, the upcoming iOS version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown will contain absolutely no in-app purchases whatsoever. For fans of serious games on mobile devices, this should come as welcome news.

Jake Solomon of Firaxis went on record, stating that the mobile version of XCOM will not be a watered-down version of last year's strategy hit, laden with microtransactions.

Here he is responding to IGN about that very question:

Oh God, please...No. I'm not sure I would be able to sleep at night. My food would taste like ashes in my mouth.

When we heard about the iOS version last month, we were happy to learn that it would be a full port, giving players the same experience as gamers who played XCOM on the PC or a console. And we'd rather pay a little more for a full version of a game on iOS, instead of only plunking down a buck for a thin vehicle that just wants to snag your extra cash.

We're not sure what the price point for XCOM will be just yet, but we expect to hear more about that as we approach the mid-summer release target.

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