Humble Bundle is at it again with an awesome sale, but this time it's on all of the 2K games in its shop and not on an actual bundle.

Humble Bundle is known for its pay-what-you-want bundles whose prices can be split however you'd like between charity, the developers and Humble, but those bundles don't always have the games that you've been dying to get your hands on. However, Humble Bundle is doing a sale that applies to all of the games in its store that 2K has developed and published. The sale definitely includes some bigger names than usual, such as Evolve, the BioShock trilogy, Civilization: Beyond Earth and many more.

These games will be on sale for up to 83 percent off, which will be making some of the games on sale at the low price of $2.50. If that's not enough of a perk for you to buy them, Humble Bundle is also offering a free game when you buy one of the games on sale. So, not only will you be getting an awesome game on sale, you will also be getting Spec Ops: The Line for free along with it. If you're still not excited about all of these deals, there will also be the obligatory 10 percent subtracted from what you pay that gets donated to charity automatically when you buy any of Humble Bundle's games from its store. Every time you buy a game, 10 percent of its price will be donated to the American Red Cross, Child's Play, Wikimedia, GamesAid and Charity: Water

If you were thinking about purchasing any 2K game recently, make sure you get in on these deals as they will only be going on until 7:00 AM EST on March 31.

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