Robert Bowling will be cutting his month of unemployment off with his recent acceptance into the Humble Bundle team as its new Creative Director and Vice President.

Humble Bundle has made a name for itself by being not only a force for good, but a place where players can go to get games for seriously cheap prices. Now, Humble Bundle is expanding that brand with yet another big name, Robert Bowling, who is known for being Infinity Ward's former creative strategist and Robotoki's founder. IGN reports that its been about a month since Bowling closed up Robotoki, which makes it the perfect time for this new job announcement.

Here's what Bowling had to say about his new gig:

Humble Bundle has been an inspiration for a while with the freedom they bring to players, the opportunity they allow developers, and the ability to give so much back through the charity aspect of every part of their business.

I'm excited to join them, having spent the last decade on the development side and experiencing first hand the trials and tribulations of getting games out the door and getting them discovered by new audiences. I'm excited to help continue the tradition of innovating new ways for developers to release their games and the freedom for players to support them as Vice President, Creative Director of Humble Bundle.

Bowling's previous two jobs definitely gave him the experience he needs to make Humble Bundle bigger and better than ever, now we'll just have to see if he's able to take the company and the charities it helps to new heights.

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