XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be appearing on iOS devices soon, because combating alien invasions should take place on all fronts!

According to JoyStiq and a panel at PAX East, the game will be released on iOS devices this summer.

Firaxis Lead Designer Jake Solomon spoke with JoyStiq and said, "It is a straight port. We have not made any gameplay exceptions. You play the exact same game [as on PC or consoles], it's just now fully playable on an iPhone or iPad."

We can only guess what the price will be for a full console experience on these mobile devices, but we're willing to bet that it will be rather hefty. And we'll probably pay it even if it is.

The game will come packed with the Elite Soldier downloadable content pack but not the Slingshot pack. Whatever DLC we'll see, we're just impressed that they got the whole experience on iOS devices in the first place.

The game should be out this summer on the iPhone and iPad. We'll update you as more info is released!

There's also might be some new DLC in the works for the console version, seen here on Kotaku, which may or may not show up on the iOS version as well. But whether or not this is just DLC or a whole new game is unknown, since Firaxis is keeping the details close to the vest

Would you play XCOM on your mobile device? Watch the trailer below and let us know!

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