2K Games and Firaxis have announced the first ever Firaxicon, a convention where fans of the developers’ games can meet, greet and play as well as learn some firsthand information about its upcoming games.

On Sept. 27, the Embassy Suites Baltimore - North/Hunt Valley, in Cockeysville, Maryland will be host to Firaxicon, the first convention celebrating Civilization, XCOM and Firaxis' other popular franchises. Attendees will enjoy panels, presentations and play-sessions with Firaxis designers, as well as get the chance to play Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth a month before its release. Fans will also be able to play board games with and against Firaxis designers, tour the Firaxis offices and take part in the first ever XCOM: Enemy Unknown Invitational Tournament. Everyone in attendance will receive unique Firaxis swag, and have the opportunity to sit in on a special presentation by Sid Meier, creator of the Civilization franchise.  The event will conclude with the Firaxis Feast, where fans will dine and drink with Firaxis designers.

Tickets are on sale now, and $40 will get you a pass for the event. There are plenty more details on Eventbrite's listing of the event, so fans in the Mid-Atlantic region should check it out before the Sept. 26 cut-off.

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