The man responsible for BioShock, BioShock Infinite and Irrational Games chimes in about the next project he's doing after his studio was shutdown.

Gematsu reports that BioShock's creator, director and writer, Ken Levine, has finally started talking about the unannounced game he and a small group of remaining Irrational members have been developing. This marks the first game Levine has been working on since BioShock Infinite launched in 2013. Since then, his co-founded studio, Irrational Games, had to part ways with a vast majority of its staff. Fortunately, 2K has kept him and a very small team on board to work on this new title.

Based on his recent responses on Twitter, this unannounced sci-fi game will be an open world RPG set in a first-person perspective. As per 2K's arrangements, this game will likely be small in scope and only get a digital release. Don't expect any of the quantum physics of BioShock Infinite. Levine claims that his team is currently working on its basic gameplay mechanics, engine work and concept art. He also mentioned this project is inspired by the likes of Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick's films, so expect yet another beautiful, thought-provoking game coming from Levine.

While nothing is set in stone, Levine is scheduled to host a couple of panels at PAX East, which takes place from March 6-8. Levine previously said he doesn't plan on announcing the game at E3, so we could see this project formally unveiled at one of these panels.

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