Despite all the splicers and Big Daddies roaming the place, Rapture looks quite beautiful now that BioShock got this amazing CryEngine 3 makeover.

With time comes upgraded technology and in BioShock's case, the series's first game's release in 2007 has since been surpassed by what the game engines of today can do. Thankfully, a dedicated BioShock fan has taken it upon himself to bring the game into the present with some pretty stunning visuals. GameSpot reports that 3D artist, Game time, has recreated the opening of BioShock and has done so using Crytek's CryEngine 3, which puts BioShock's heavily modded version of Unreal Engine 2.5 to shame, to say the least. While we loved Rapture the first time we saw it, this makes it look so much grander.

However, a fan-made creation is, unfortunately all this is. There has been no talk by BioShock's actual developers, 2K, about a remake or HD remaster (we'd love to see the trilogy optimized for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). However, Game time doesn't seem to be done just yet and had admitted:

I loved working on this project, because it forced me to push myself further, having to learn Zbrush for the sculptures and becoming more involved with CryEngine's Trackview, Flowgraph and audio systems. I would like to further push this scene in the future by involving the player into the animations and extend the scene to Rapture itself.

You can check out the video above to see Game time's BioShock creation, but make sure to watch it in HD or you'll basically be missing the point. You can also check out some HD stills on Game time's ArtStation page.

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