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E3 2017: Battle Chasers: Nightwar Preview
For years, fans have been looking forward to more Battle Chasers stories. Last year, we got our first look at Aiship Syndicate's role-playing game version of the Joe Madureira comic, Battle Chasers: Nightwar. At that time, there was little to do but wander a randomly generated dungeon and compl…
E3 2017: Dauntless Preview
We didn't realize how badly we wanted a massive hammer that doubled as a shotgun until we equipped one in Dauntless. At that point, we'd already been playing Phoenix Labs' upcoming multiplayer action role-playing game for a hunt or two, but wanted to change things up to see what the d…
E3 2017: Ashen Preview
In the darkness below the surface, two lone treasure hunters have come together to explore a dungeon in search secrets from a world lost long ago. An ocean of black envelops them both, the only salvation in the depths provided by lone lanterns each wanderer carries. A somber melody plays somewhere, …
E3 2017: The Swords of Ditto Preview
We've all heard the stories about the amnesiac hero who washed up on the shore of a dangerous island only to become its savior. Or perhaps the version you heard told of a teen with extraordinary courage, who stepped up in a time of need to make the lands he lived in safe again. Whatever deviati…
E3 2017: Monster Hunter World Preview
What if I told you there was a whole new continent out there filled with monsters of every shape and size, and they were all wild game there for the taking? Of course, these great beasts aren't exactly going to go down easy as another trophy for your wall, and they're going to fight back a…
Persona 5 Review
It’s not a huge departure from the themes and gameplay of the last two Persona games, but there are enough successful tweaks to the formula that Persona 5 feels both familiar and wonderfully new.
Mass Effect Andromeda Review
Bioware brought a lot more planets, combat, exploration and mechanics to the table this time around, but more isn't always better. There may be no stronger case for keeping things simple than Mass Effect Andromeda.
Nier: Automata Review
Nier: Automata is a kickin' rad action game that's also a twin-stick shoot-’em-up and a 2.5D platformer and role-playing game, and anything else it might need to be at any given moment.

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