The squared circle gets bigger now that 2K Games has added a new gameplay mode to WWE SuperCard as well as other improvements to this card-based wrestling game.

2K Games and WWE have announced that the Road to Glory game mode has been added to WWE SuperCard. Road to Glory is a new mega-event featuring 22-card rumbles against other wrestlers that get tougher and tougher as you progress. You get to take on other Superstars with decks of 22 cards (16 wrestlers, four dives and two support cards) for both yourself and your opponents. The first Road to Glory event will start today, Dec. 23, at 5:00 PM EST. The event will continue from Dec. 25-30.

Road to Glory match winners will receive a point towards defeating a current Superstar, and six board picks. Losing in Road to Glory results in no points awarded toward beating the Superstar and only three board picks. After receiving the required points to beat a Superstar, you'll get that person's card and move on to a new Superstar at the next rarity level.

This update also comes with some minor game improvements and bug fixes. Also, players' overall card limits has been increased to 120 total. With over 4 million downloads in just a few months time, we can't wait to see what WWE SuperCard brings next (hopefully the NXT roster).

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