You can relive Cloud's adventure and Squall's hobby on the go now that Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII's Triple Triad launched for smartphones.

A port of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII has launched on the iOS App Store this week. Likewise, Square Enix has launched the new Final Fantasy Portal app for both iOS and Android. While the Portal app is meant to be a provider of Final Fantasy-related news and updates, you're also able to play Triple Triad on it as well. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy VII has not yet launched for the Android format.

While it obviously isn't the big remake of Final Fantasy VII, I'm glad to see that iPhones and iPads are now capable of running one of my favorite role-playing games of all time (though FFVI, Chrono Trigger and Xenogears are my personal top three). Priced at $16, which is really steep for mobile games, you'll still ultimately get your money's worth if you keep playing Final Fantasy VII on your iOS device. The game has been retrofitted with touchscreen controls, as you'll have the ability to use a virtual, on-screen control stick to make Cloud move around while exploring. You've got to love that the iOS trailer above only features footage from the game's cutscenes and battle system and didn't include Cloud with his Popeye arms. Rumor has it there are two new features added to the mobile version of the game, which include a way to easily max out your stats and to disable random enemy encounters, both of which I wholeheartedly disagree with.

The Final Fantasy Portal app features Triple Triad, and it's just as awesome/frustrating as you remember it. Of course, there's a paywall limitation on how often you can play, because it's basically a requirement for all free-to-play mobile games nowadays.

You better download the Final Fantasy Portal app now, because you can download the original Final Fantasy for free until the end of the month through the portal. Unfortunately, you can only launch and play the game through the Portal app, but free is free, right?

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