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Five Best Final Fantasy Mini-Games
From cards and arcades to races and theatre performances, these mini-games did more than distract. They downright seemed as though they should have games of their own. These are the top 5 mini-games in Final Fantasy games.
World of Final Fantasy Review (PlayStation 4)
Few franchises have as long and storied of a history as Final Fantasy. Over the last 30 years this role-playing game megalith has won the hearts of gamers around the globe with countless games featuring rich worlds to explore, engrossing gameplay, and fantastic characters. World of Final Fantasy thr…
Traversing Worlds and Expectations With Chrono Cross
Few role-playing games have as much staying power as Square’s Chrono Trigger. With star talents such as Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii, and Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball artist Akira Toriyama behind the wheel, the game had the direction it needed to be an in…
Hitman – Marrakesh Review (PlayStation 4)
Hitman is shaping up to be the hit that no one saw coming. Despite the controversial decision to break the game into an episodic format, especially so close to its release, the format has served it well. If even just the few maps that have been released so far were released all at once, it would fee…

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