While Firaxis might not be able to do an actual sequel to Alpha Centauri, the studio has done the next best thing by taking its Civilization series to space.

Joystiq reports that Fixaxis has just unveiled, at PAX East, its newest addition to the Civilization series, Civilization: Beyond Earth. Ever since the original Alpha Centauri was released in 1999, fans have been rallying for a new space age, colony-developing title in the series. Unfortunately, EA still owns the rights to Alpha Centauri, so Firaxis did the closest thing they could do in order to appeal to its fans by taking the next logical jump in Sid Meier's trademark series -- Civilization is heading to the stars.

Beyond Earth will feature the Civilization's signature society-building gameplay while being given an intergalactic makeover with plenty of new mechanics inspired by Alpha Centauri. You will be able to craft your colony and develop a unique culture prior to settling it on its new world. Colony development will also get bonuses when meeting the requirements of Beyond Earth's new quest system as your people expand.

You will boldly go where no man has gone before once Civilization: Beyond Earth lands later this fall for PC. Stay tuned as we continue to provide coverage on Beyond Earth as new information becomes available.

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