Fixaxis Games released a new featurette for Civilization: Beyond Earth's upcoming expansion, Rising Tide. 

This new Civilization: Beyond Earth video highlights some of the major changes being implemented into the Rising Tide expansion. We get an overview of what it's like to start conquering the waters of alien planets. As you would expect, oceanic exploration, colonization and combat will be added to the game. Raising aquatic colonies and expanding beyond the sea will require underwater resources, water-ready units and the floating cities. Best of all, these water-top cities can be moved and relocated.

We're certainly digging all the major changes Firaxis is making to Civilization: Beyond Earth (especially to the UI). As mankind continues to settle space, the new Al Falah faction are all about brotherhood, which we're going to need while expanding beyond oceans. Make sure you keep an eye out for aquatic alien lifeforms and rival colonies while you're out on the water. The Hydra Coral will be able to form entire blockades and cut off your naval forces. The diplomacy system has been revamped for Rising Tide. Debuting alongside the Al Falah is the Red Sea Alliance faction. Make sure you keep an eye out for any new alien species along the way, as some are docile and others are quite ferocious.

While no release date has been announced by Firaxis Games, Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide will launch sometime this fall.

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