Having trouble taking care of the alien menace invading Earth in XCOM: Enemy Within? Perhaps having a few super soldiers at your side will help even out the playing field.

There are five different super soldiers you can create once you've advanced far enough into Enemy Within's story to being recruiting new troops. All you have to do to unlock the powerful heroes is change the names of whatever soldiers you happen to recruit. However, take note that adding these incredibly jacked-up soldiers to your squad will immediately disable all achievements/trophies from being earned.

Additionally, since Enemy Within is an expansion built on the backbone of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, all but William Carter will work in the original game, too.

  • Sid Meier

    To recruit the "Godfather" of Firaxis, all you've got to do is type Sid for the first name and Meier for the last name to unlock his Support persona.

  • Ken Levine

    The "Big Daddy" behind 2K Games' BioShock series can snipe with the best of them. Put him to work by putting Ken as the first name and Levine as the last name of any recruited trooper.

  • Joe Kelly

    Writer of Spider-Man and Deadpool comics, Joe Kelly brings some big firepower as a Heavy in XCOM. Add him to your roster by changing any soldier's first name to Joe and last name to Kelly.

  • William Carter

    The protagonist of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified can be unlocked for use as an Assault class solider in Enemy Within. To get that snappy fedora and those upgraded abilities, change the first name to William and the last name to Carter on any computer generated solider.

  • Otto Zander

    The survivor of one of the more famous XCOM Let's Plays, Otto Zander brings plenty of firepower as an Assault class trooper. Get his "Unbreakable" butt on the battlefield by making Otto the first name and Zander the last name of any soldier.


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