This amazing turn-based strategy game is making its way to the Android market.

XCOM's official Twitter page just announced that this classic re-imagining of the 1994 cult classic, UFO: Enemy Unknown, is on its way to Google Play and the Amazon App Store. That's right, Android devices will finally be able to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which was previously ported to the iOS format last year. Enemy Unknown reached critical acclaim and won numerous Game of the Year Awards for its original console and PC versions that were released in 2012.

Enemy Unknown takes place during an alien invasion where your paramilitary group must try to defend the Earth while under your strategic command. Along the way, you must use alien technology to revamp your army's arsenal, expand your base, liberate alien prisoners, protect the nations of the world and fight back the otherworldly invaders.

Unfortunately, no official release date has been publicly announced for the Android version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Since the iOS version of Enemy Unknown has been around for almost a year, we believe that it should not take much longer for this Android counterpart to be released.