2K Games and Firaxis Games have announced that an expansion to the 2012 hit, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, called XCOM: Enemy Within will be coming to us in November.

The expansion will feature new abilities, a mess of upgrades and weapons that will help you fight against new enemies and aliens, new maps and brand new multplayer content.

You'll be able to enhance your operatives using Gene Mods, which will allow for augmentations to the chest, brain, eyes, skin and legs. A Cybernetics Lab will be available that can construct MECs, or Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuits. You can use MEC Troopers to bolster your ranks with their flamethrowers and grenade launchers. And that kind of firepower will be handy against the two new alien classes, which include the Mechtoid enemy type.

The expansion also boasts a whopping 47 additional maps on which you can take on friends and foes alike in multiplayer.

2K and Firaxis promise that more information about Enemy Within will be announced in the future, but for now we'll have to wait, knowing that it won't be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 until Nov. 12.

Let us know your thoughts on this expansion and whether or not you're going to grab it when it drops.