We finally know the release date of this beautiful role-playing game coming from the makers of the indie hit, Bastion.

Supergiant Games has officially announced the release date for its long awaited RPG, Transistor. Even better, Supergiant has also announced which consoles we can expect to see Transistor grace with its beautiful presence. Transistor will put you in the role of Red, the game's protagonist who comes across Transistor, which is a powerful, sentient sword. Unfortunately, an agency called the Process has come to collect both you and the sword to experiment on and study.

Transistor will be on full display at PAX East this weekend with a near-final build running on the PlayStation 4. We know that the game has vastly changed since we saw it last time, which was at last year's PAX.

Transistor will be marking Supergiant's long awaited return to gaming, so expect to see it debut on May 20 for PlayStation 4 and PC for the price of $19.99

Supergiant Games