A release date has been revealed for ‘Star Wars: Hunters’ on mobile and Nintendo Switch

The long-awaited team-based battle arena shooter from Zynga and Lucasfilm Games is scheduled to release on June 4 on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

Players will be introduced to 13 different characters who all have their own specific look and personality. Each one will be competing through “fight-entertainment”, a form of combat heavily inspired by pro wrestling.

The list of characters includes: Sprocket (Mon Calamari Prodigy), Utooni (Jawa Scavengers), Zaina (Rebel War Hero), Grozz (Wookie Juggernaut), Skora (Rodian Sawbones), J-3DI (Jedi Droid), Aran Tal (Mandalorian Vanguard), Rieve (Dark Side Assassin), Sentinel (Imperial Heavy Gunner), Diago (Miraluka Sharpshooter), Imara Vex (Unrelenting Bounty Hunter), Slingshot (Droideka Speedster), and Charr (Trandoshan Trapper).

In an interview with StarWars.com, Zyger art director Dominic Estephane said: "They're larger-than-life personalities, similar to pro wrestling.

“Using Grozz as an example, he's our super heavyweight and he's a showman, but in reality he's a former Huttball pro. He brings that persona to the arena, but he dials it up for the fans and the crowd, the audience watching at home.”

He added: "It’s in the presentation, as well. It's a live show broadcast. We have our version of a jumbotron. If you’re familiar with pro wrestling, where they have the big-screen jumbotrons, each Hunter has their own graphics package that you see on the screen within our roster screen in the game. Each Hunter has their own music theme, which is really, really awesome.”

He continued: “We have what we call, internally, 'Hunter's spectacle.' That is, how would the Hunters walk out on stage and present themselves? And once they walk out, their music is playing, as well. So we think our best-in-class visuals on mobile really help deliver and showcase that progress and influence."

In addition to the roster of characters battling for victory, the game will also include two hosts of the show within the game’s story called ‘Hunters of the Outer Rim’.

One of the hosts is Boz Vega, an ex-hunter with a history of victory behind them. The other is LX-1, a droid specifically programmed for the fictional show who has highly advanced calculating skills, a high level of knowledge, and a fiery attitude.

The game was originally announced in 2020 with the intent of launching at the end of 2021. However, after significant delays, players who have waited so patiently will finally get a chance to play the highly anticipated game.

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