Bethesda directorTodd Howard thinks ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ would be “hard to canonise” for the TV show.

The Amazon Prime adaptation of the beloved post-apocalyptic adventure franchise has impressed fans for being faithful to what has been seen in the games - which are now helmed by Bethesda.

However, the game studio's executive producer Todd has told fans not to get their hopes up regarding seeing storylines from the Obsidian Entertainment-developed ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ making their way over to the programme, because the game’s multiple different endings make it “hard to canonise”.

During an interview with the ‘Kinda Funny Games’ podcast, he said: “First I'll say, [Obsidian] did an amazing job with ‘New Vegas’.

“‘New Vegas’ is a very, very important game to us, and our fans, we think they did an incredible job.

“If anything, the show is leaning into the events [of ‘New Vegas’].

“Season two is going to be featuring some of ‘New Vegas’ and we're careful about maintaining the key events of that game and the great content in it.

“It is obviously difficult to deal with - when you're going back to an area where a game had multiple endings, we have some answers there but it's hard.

“Everybody realises it's hard to canonise or say, ‘this is exactly how that game ended’, and so whenever we can, I like to avoid it, like don't refute anything that happened, be careful when you're specific about what happened - we want that game, and [what] the players did, to be their reality and true.”

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