The developers from Oryx Design Lab are probably pretty happy these days. Their upcoming dungeon crawler Famaze, originally started back in the summer of 2010, is back from the dead and ready to be released!

Earlier this year, the developers started things moving again with Famaze, putting up a new website and cutting together a decent-looking trailer. Based on the footage, it looks as though the top part of the screen will give you a basic map, while the bottom will feature a 16-bit style rendering of the action.

In Famaze, a Mad King turns the people of his land (who happen to be rutabagas), into monsters to guard his kingdom while he goes in search of the a recipe for rutabaga pudding. As the hero, you must crawl his dungeons to free the people (rutabagas), trapped there and save them from being turned into pudding. If the charming story behind the game is any indication, then Famaze will provide lots of winking chuckles.

Oryx will be putting out Famaze on all the major platforms, including iOS. Right now, the release date is still undetermined. Which shouldn't be a surprise, given the game's development up to this point. But hopefully it will be out sooner rather than later.

Check out the trailer below: