There are thousands of games in the App Store, so how do we choose the 100 Best iOS Games ever made? Easy. We used sophisticated computer programs, thousands of hours of surveys and complex data mining. Put your iPhone down and read along as we make our way to #1 in our list of the 100 Best iOS Games. Is it your favorite game? You won't know unless you join us on this countdown journey!

  • 100

    Castle Doombad

    Adult Swim Games

    Though there's a simple premise behind Castle Doombad, it's the devious nature of this Adult Swim game that keeps us coming back for more. Rather than playing hero, we're tasked with keeping the heroes away from a kidnapped princess. The cartoon-inspired presentation keeps everything light, and watching some of the would-be saviors hilariously meet their demise is a big part of Castle Doombad's appeal. Factor in some simple and intuitive controls, and you've got one of the best iOS games available.

  • 99

    Devil's Attorney

    1337 Game Design AB

    Finally, a lawyer game that is light on the morals and ethics and, instead, chooses to highlight ego and the stuff in your apartment. Devil’s Attorney is a turn-based strategy game where you are tasked with arguing cases in any fashion you see fit. You have to win to make money and outfit your pad with new bits of furniture and boost your ego just a little bit higher. It features some gorgeous looking cartoonish graphics and it simply oozes character from every crack in the witness stand. You’ll delight in the challenge of picking the right strategies to take down any and all of your opponents in the courtroom. You might get so good at arguing that you’ll actually wish you could be a lawyer in a pimp hat.

  • 98

    Kingdom Rush

    Armor Games Inc

    The attention to detail, style, gameplay, and mechanics makes Kingdom Rush insanely fun to play. It has the addictive qualities of Angry Birds paired with the anxiety inducing excitement of goblins storming your fortress. Not only are you given the choice between a few types of turrets to protect your villagers, but the ability to upgrade them. As if that wasn’t enough for you, you’re given blanket abilities to wipe your enemies off the face of your touch screen.

  • 97

    Broken Sword Director's Cut


    Adventure games have found a comfortable home on the touchscreens of iOS devices everywhere. Broken Sword Director’s Cut is a revamped and polished version of the 1996 point-and-click classic. It preserves all of the fantastic storytelling and superbly animated cutscenes of the original. The graphics are a joy to explore as you wind your way through a Paris filled with mystery and intrigue. The story is top notch and it will keep you pixel peeping for clues long into the night. This game is another bit of proof that you can go back and enhance the classics to make them more accessible and enjoyable for a whole new generation. That is, unless you’re George Lucas.

  • 96

    A Ride Into the Mountains

    Lee-Kuo Chen

    For a game that looks so simple, you're getting an incredible amount of depth. Don't be fooled by the simplistic graphics, it's the gameplay that shines here, and with each new ride up into the mountains, you'll always be encountering new challenges along the way.

  • 95


    505 Games, Inc.

    This PC hit from 2011 made the successful transition over to iOS and gamers couldn't be happier. This open world game lets you accomplish the tasks and goals you want to accomplish, all with inspired retro graphics. If you dig games like Minecraft, then Terraria is a must own for your iPhone.

  • 94

    Siegecraft TD

    Crescent Moon Games

    If you're a tower defense nut (and let's be honest, we all are), then you'll love Siegecraft. The gorgeous graphics compliment the cartoony characters. But don't let the look fool you -- there is some serious depth to be found here. And once you finished the campaign part, then duke it out with strangers over multiplayer.

  • 93

    Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

    Walt Disney

    Remember this 16-bit classic? Of course you do. Don't have a Genesis or SNES lying around? Don't need one with this excellent port of one of the best platformers made for those earlier systems. Once you've gotten hang of the controls, you'll be lost in this magical HD upgrade.

  • 92

    Dragon's Lair 30th Anniversary

    Dragon's Lair LLC Games

    Dragon’s Lair for iOS is a direct shot of nostalgia into your femoral artery. The wonderfully hand drawn animations have been polished and all of your favorite sections have been adjusted to work in the palm of your hand. Dragon’s Lair has enough variety to keep you coming back again and again. You’ll spend hours adventuring around the castle as Dirk on your quest to save the princess. Plus you get to be called Dirk, and who wouldn’t want that?

  • 91

    Doodle Jump

    Lima Sky

    What the hell is a Doodle? We don't know, but we do know that the little guy needs to make it as far as he can up an endless sheet of paper without hitting any UFO's or black holes. The simple graphics and tilt gameplay make Doodle Jump addictive. Part of its childish charm comes from the power-ups you can snag on your journey toward the paper pulp heavens. Springs, jetpacks, and other such paraphernalia aid you on your quest into the sky. Why is the Doodle going up there? We have no clue, but we do know that it's fun to help him on his journey.

  • 90


    Semi Secret Software, LLC

    If you don't want to bother with marauding temple monkeys or a robot unicorn, then Canabalt is the endless runner for you. You're tasked with making a daring escape through a very gray and pixelated city while avoiding any obstacles in your path. Canabalt is a deceptively intense game with the ever increasing speed upping the ante with each second you keep moving forward. Quite simply, it is a gorgeous looking game. Its design is minimal, but that somehow makes your escape that much more engaging. Your imagination fills in the blanks with this entry in our list of the 100 Best iOS Games.

  • 89

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix

    Square Enix

    If any developer knows how to make an RPG, it is Square Enix. They've brought us some of the most memorable, (and forgettable), Final Fantasy games. They've adapted The World Ends With You to the iOS where it has made some serious noise. With a setting based off of a real life neighborhood in Tokyo and graphics that look like they come right out of Jet Set Radio Future, this game is sure to delight you. The soundtrack also kicks ass.

  • 88

    League of Evil 3

    Ravenous Games

    Some of the best, and most challenging, platform action for iOS can be found in the League of Evil series. But you can't have that without tight controls, and Ravenous once again makes sure that their latest Evil game has just that. Coupled with fun retro graphics and a "ghost" feature that lets you replay all of your failed attempts at beating a level, you'll be happy to join this league.

  • 87

    Words With Friends


    This devious little Scrabble clone is one of the most perfect word games you can find. It wouldn't be enough playing against a computer. Instead, you can play against those wily humans you call friends. Plus you get to brag when you win and make bets on who has the most loquacious vocabulary. The only bad thing? You have to pay to keep track of your stats, something you don't need to do in Scrabble.

  • 86

    Asphalt 8: Airborne


    Is this a console game, or an iPad game? With Airborne 8, it's hard to tell the difference. The latest entry in this long running series has stellar graphics, gameplay and controls. Does anyone have a steering wheel we can attach to our iPad?

  • 85

    Zuma's Revenge


    The creators of Plants Vs. Zombies have struck again with Zuma's Revenge. Your goal is to break as many balls as you can by shooting similar colored balls out of your mouth. Sound vulgar? Not really. It's actually quite adorable, at least until you don't clear all of the balls and a giant tiki skull eats you. In defiance of all the laws of physics, lining up three similar colored balls makes them explode and adds to your score. Combos and power-ups are awarded as you break more and more and chain up some big combos. Slowing time and accuracy are just a couple of the more useful power-ups. Zuma's Revenge is an addictive game which will have you late for most important functions. But you won't care, because it is fun as hell!

  • 84



    Speaking of Scrabble, here we are! While Words With Friends may be popular with the teen crowd, Scrabble has been the go to word playing game for decades. With a built in dictionary, a teacher that tells you what higher scoring words you could have made, and stats tracking, Scrabble is the word game you download when you want to play with other adults. Let the kiddies have Words With Friends.

  • 83

    Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes

    Warner Bros.

    Who better to stop crime in Gotham City than Lego Batman? Join Bats and Superman as they team up with other Lego DC super heroes to fight some of their most villainous foes. The controls are great and the score is outstanding. It may not be as good looking as its console cousin, but fighting crime on the go was never a pretty task.

  • 82

    Robbery Bob


    Fess up, you've always wanted to be a petty thief. You didn't want to keep anything you stole, just the act of burgling sounded like so much fun. Robbery Bob allows you to live out your criminal fantasies in the most cartoonish of colors. Robbery Bob has you sneaking into places, avoiding guards and cameras, and getting away with the loot. With just a few taps and swipes, you can clean out a whole house without the owners even noticing that the TV they were watching was swiped from right in front of them. The over exaggerated animations and cartoony look for the game make it ooze charm and keep you coming back to steal more and more fun out of this app.

  • 81

    Pixel People

    LambdaMu Games

    Rebuild society from the ground up -- pixel by pixel. Sounds challenging. And it is. But it's also fun. Part puzzle game, part sim, Pixel People puts you in charge of building up your town by creating over 150 jobs for your people. If you like collecting things, then make sure your employment rate stays high in this addicting and popular iOS title.

  • 80

    Chaos Rings II

    Square Enix

    The problem with console RPG's are that they're just too long. We live in a frantic society and most of us are always out and about doing something. RPG's have really found a home on the iOS and Chaos Rings II is one of the best you're likely to find. It has the gorgeous graphics that you'd expect from a Square Enix game and all the angsty characters your JRPG heart is bound to love. The story itself is very engaging and the time honored turn based gameplay is in full form. The arena for you to explore is vast and you never lose sight of your goal to survive. You and your partner are slung into an arena and made to battle other pairs of warriors. Will you come out on top or will your index fingers tire out?

  • 79

    Waking Mars

    Tiger Style

    The once lush planet of Mars has fallen into a slumber. The Martian vegetation has moved underground to create a world full of life. You play as a space explorer with a jetpack. Already this is awesome. You basically have to navigate your way through the labyrinthine caverns under Mars while dodging enemies and completing quests. The levels are spectacularly designed and are a joy to explore. Waking Mars is a game that is smarter than it likes to appear. Each Martian creature has its own unique attributes that can help or hinder you on your quest. The concept of Waking Mars is just as compelling as the gameplay and that alone will keep you searching for more of the answers to its universe.

  • 78

    Cover Orange 2

    FDG Entertainment

    Cover Orange 2 picks up where the original left off with even more clever puzzles, a soothing score, cute graphics and a yearning to keep these darling oranges safe from those evil clouds. If you liked the original Cover Orange, you'll love the sequel.

  • 77

    Galaxy on Fire 2 HD


    Space shooters have come a long way since Galaga. Now you have 3D interstellar dogfight action in the palm of your hand. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is one of the most gorgeous space shooters you're liable to find. It doesn't only look good, it plays well too. The controls are tight and shooting down huge cruisers is a breeze. The fighting quickly becomes fast and frenetic. You don't know which way is up, which is ok because you're in space anyway, but nonetheless, it keeps your heart pounding. It will make you nostalgic for the days of Wing Commander, but without all of those tortured cutscenes.

  • 76

    Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


    You spend most of your time in a video game trying not to die. In Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, you don't have much of a choice in the matter. You're dead right from the start. This entry on our list of the 100 Best iOS Games has you using your ghostly powers to solve your own murder as well as save others around you. With a simple swipe, you can possess people, move objects and use other ghostly powers to solve your murder mystery before dawn. The art style of Ghost Trick is wild. It looks simply incredible and compliments the story very well. Ghost Trick is a game chock full of charm and character that will keep you playing long after your own actual death. (Little known fact that is completely made up, the iPhone and iPad touch screens work with ghosts. Take that Ouija Board!)


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