• 75

    Scribblenauts Remix

    Warner Bros.

    Imagination is king in the Scribblenauts Remix world. Anything you can think of, you can create. You have unlimited possibilities for solving any of the problems presented to you in the Scribble-verse. By typing in anything you want, you can solve any puzzle in the game. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the world worked that way? Anyway, the fantastic hand drawn aesthetic will distract you from your more worldly problems. If you're clever, you can solve the puzzles in exceedingly outrageous ways. Go ahead and try to stump the game with any inane answer you can come up with. Somehow, Scribblenauts Remix will figure out how to render it on your little screen.

  • 74

    Spider-Man: Total Mayhem


    Let's be honest, you've always wished you were Spider-Man. You wanted to swing through the streets of Manhattan on strands of thread and give a royal beatdown on some nefarious creatures. Thankfully, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem is only a few taps away. All of your arachnid hero desires can be satiated on your iPhone or iPad. As Spider-Man, you can swing your way to the scene of the crime in style before you introduce your fist to some bad guy's nose. The controls are responsive and it is a simple joy watching Spidey execute outrageous acrobatics attacks. The graphics hold up with the best looking games and, thankfully, it eschews a dark and gritty style for a much more vibrant and comic book feel. Even if your iPhone was radioactive, you'd still want to play this, cancer be damned!

  • 73

    Need For Speed Most Wanted

    Electronic Arts

    Racing a car on a track can be fun, but the allure of street racing is much more tempting. No officials, no rules, and no boundaries. Need for Speed Most Wanted offers you the open road and all the thrills that come with it. It can be quite fun looking in your rear view mirror and seeing cop cars and your opponents flipping down ravines in a cascading fireball of twisted metal. It is perfectly over the top like any other Need For Speed game, but the the level of delicacy in the controls is to be commended. At the slightest tap or turn of your device, your car can drift exquisitely around any corner you want without those damn realistic physics spinning you off into a ditch like some other racing games.

  • 72

    He-Man The Most Powerful Game in the Universe


    This game has Skeletor. Need we say more? We do? Fine. In addition to Skeletor, you have a whole bevy of He-Man comrades and villains on display. What is even more surprising is the polished level of design and gameplay put into He-Man The Most Powerful Game in the Universe. The tongue-in-cheek attitude to the story only serves to bring a once campy '80s cartoon into the 21st century ironic lexicon. The game is a goofy and wildly entertaining 2Dside scrolling smash 'em up that will have you talking like Skeletor in no time. Nyahahaha!

  • 71

    Space Invaders Infinity Gene

    Taito Corperation

    Space Invaders was a legendary game where a little CPU glitch served to make getting that last space ship all the more difficult. How do you expand on a classic game? You clad it in retro style line graphics and make each level more and more berserk. There are even some levels in 3D. That's right, a 3D Space Invader game. Purists might scoff at this, but once they clamp their fingers around their iPhone and have a play, all thoughts of pitchforks and torches outside the developer's office will fade away. It is a glorious ode to the original while at the same time bringing you a fresh take on a retro classic.

  • 70

    Gunman Clive

    Bertil Horberg

    Gunman Clive is a sepia tones homage to the sides-scrollers of old. Its ancestors include games like Contra, but it switches up the setting and bumps up the graphical fidelity. Despite its simple outlined characters and pastel colors, Gunman Clive is a beautiful looking games. Like all good side scrolling shooters, you have tight and simple controls that consist of jumping and shooting. Each level is fun and unique while still keeping that old west feel. Throughout the game there is a subtle attention to detail and a genuine care put into each pixel. One of the bosses looks like a giant Elvis Presley with a battling gun. Who wouldn't want to win a shoot out with the King?

  • 69

    Zombie Tsunami


    Zombie Tsunami is a game that plays exactly the way the title sounds. You're in charge of a zombie and tasked with munching your way through the town biting everyone in your path in order to convert them to your brain munching ways. The more zombies you keep in tow, the more powerful you and your hoard become. The graphics are reminiscent of Rampage, and the upgrade bonuses you can find are absolutely ridiculous. With the right bonus, you have the option to change your group of like minded undead into a slew of ninjas, football players, or one long Chinese Dragon. Zombie Tsunami is a hilarious and very addictive game that will make you laugh in the face of the undead the next time you come close to the formerly living.

  • 68

    Street Fighter X Tekken


    Street Fighter is a legendary franchise that will never die no matter how many times it has beaten itself down into the ground. Thankfully though, this foray into the realm of iOS is an awesome one. Street Fighter X Tekken is the culmination of all they learned from making portable Street Fighters. The controls are responsive and delicate, just like a good fighting game fan wants them. The animations are enjoyable and well designed. Each character, including your Tekken favorites, has their own moves that they execute with devastating results. What would a fighting game be with out some fantastic multiplayer? Well you can settle a bet or argument over wifi with any of your friends. Just remember that it's just a game and don't beat them to a pulp in real life with your iPhone. Then you won't have an iPhone. Or a friend.

  • 67

    Orc: Vengeance


    Dungeon crawlers are the perfect genre to utilize a touchscreen. Instead of having to click all over the place with your mouse, you can simply tap enemies to death in the game's Diablo-esqe isometric view. Orc: Vengeance is a story driven game that lets you live out the tale of vengeance through the eyes of Rok, the Orc Warchief. A dark power has risen and is attempting to enslave the other orcs. That won't happen as long as you, and tons of loot, are between those innocent orcs and The Dark Lord.

  • 66

    Color Zen

    Large Animal Games

    If you enjoy puzzle games, you really dig this one. It's unlike anything you've played in the App Store. Color Zen relies on chess like planning and a calm demeanor to solve. It's a simple concept in design, but some of the puzzles will take a while to figure out. Plus it just looks so darn pretty on your iPhone.

  • 65

    Pilot's Path


    Part real time strategy and part arcade style simulator, Pilot's Path delivers great graphics along with engaging gameplay. Upgrade your helicopter, go on missions and try not to run out of fuel. Remember the Strike series of games? It reminds us of those. And that's a good thing.

  • 64

    Amazing Runner

    Freyr Games

    Endless running games can be frustrating for gamers looking for closure. They tantalize you to keep playing with the proverbial carrot at the end of the stick. But we don't care because they're fun. Amazing Runner lives up to its name by proving you with an incredible cyberpunk world and endless variationa of an Extreme-G looking track to run on. Most endless runners limit you to one plane ruled by gravity. Amazing Runner instead lets you run along walls and the ceiling. You can even run through those eye-popping spirals like Sonic the Hedgehog. Amazing Runner is perfect for anyone who is a bit tired of the mundane and looking for the amazing.

  • 63

    Crazy Taxi


    Crazy Taxi takes all the pent up frustration from a real taxi ride and lets your smash your way through cars, pedestrians, and buildings on your quest to get that fare. The old Dreamcast game has found a fantastic new home in the App Store, and we love it. All the fun is still there in this polished new form with gyroscopic controls. Even the soundtrack featuring Bad Religion and the Offspring stays intact to keep your finger plastered to the screen. Crazy Taxi is an insane driving game that stands alone among other, less demented car games. For being completely berserk, it lands a place on our list of the 100 Best iOS Games.

  • 62

    Year Walk


    What is Year Walk? Ack! We can't spoil it for you! Let's just say it's one of the most engaging interactive experiences we've had in a long time on iOS. Part puzzle/part horror/part work of art, Year Walk will suck you in and never let go. And that's a good thing. Just download it now and you'll see what we mean.

  • 61



    Simply put, Incoboto is a gorgeous game. The art direction is something that you've never seen before, and the gameplay is as innovative as it is fun. You play as little Inco who has made pals with an infant sun. The little sun is hungry and it is up Inco to find food for the little guy before all of the light in the universe goes out. The people have disappeared and technology is scattered about on the tiny planet levels. Inco can go from level to level with the help of his shining buddy, but in order to activate the sun gates, he must find a snack for the big bright face in the sky. Incoboto is a beautiful, challenging, and fun platform puzzler that you will not soon forget.

  • 60

    Flight Control

    Electronic Arts

    If only being a real air traffic controller was as easy and fun as playing Flight Control on an iPad. Flight control is a unique little game where you trace a landing course for all the incoming planes. Like a real air traffic controller, you want them all to land safely without slamming into each other. It is a simple game that becomes increasingly more challenging when you're trying to manage three different types of aircraft all with different trajectories and landing requirements. No wonder real air traffic controllers are over stressed. Just playing this game makes us frantic. But when you complete any level with everyone on the ground safely, it is utterly satisfying.

  • 59

    Fight Night Champions

    Electronic Arts

    Who wouldn't love to beat the pulp out of famous fighters using only your thumbs? You can brag to your friends that you knocked out the world featherweight and heavyweight champions in the same afternoon without even getting a black eye. Fight Night Champions puts boxing gloves on your thumbs and lets you brawl with the big guys. You can fight some of the legends of boxing with only a few fingers. The controls are tight, responsive, and enjoyable to use. If you take a haymaker to the face, then it is your own fault. As you progress through the ranks, the challenge becomes more evident, but so do the rewards. Maybe you'll even get your own line of fat busting grills.

  • 58

    Temple Run 2

    Imangi Studios

    Temple Run is the old school endless runner champion, but even he has to make room for the next generation. Taking what made the original Temple Run popular and cranking it up to 11, Temple Run 2 offers better graphics, smoother gameplay, more power-ups, new locales and the ability to ride in a mine cart. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks.

  • 57

    Call of Duty: Strike Team

    Activision Publishing, Inc.

    Activision has taken its popular Call of Duty series and crammed it onto your iOS device. With tons of action, two different playing perspectives and both single player and multiplayer campaigns available, you'll be pwning noobs in no time flat.

  • 56

    FIFA 14

    Electronic Arts

    Wait, is this on a console or on our iPad? This comprehensive soccer experience offers great controls, awesome graphics and plenty of modes. It's a free download, and you can choose to pay to unlock more modes if you want. Even if you don't, you'll have a blast cracking one past the keeper as you scream out "GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!" to anyone within earshot.

  • 55

    Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation


    If you have itchy trigger fingers and are nowhere near your console to pop in a copy of Call of Duty, you'll more than likely be frothing at the mouth over Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. No other game has been able to translate the grandiose military shooter over to the iOS as well as this one. The controls are the best and the graphics are simply awe inspiring. Not only do you get to enjoy one hell of a rambunctious story, but the multiplayer is also top notch. Sadly though, you don't have a microphone for you to blurt out obscenities at the other teenager that just blasted you away with a noob tube.

  • 54

    Minecraft Pocket Edition


    The internet hit is now one of the biggest hits in the App Store. Minecraft now fits in the palm of your hand and now you can create whatever you want, whenever you want! With constant updates, Minecraft - Pocket Edition is one game you won't be putting down anytime soon.

  • 53

    The Simpsons: Tapped Out

    Electronic Arts

    When it was first released, The Simpsons: Tapped Out was a bit of a mess. EA went back to the drawing board and came back with what might be the most enjoyable Simpson's game ever made. When Homer finally messes up and allows Springfield to be blown to bits, you have the chance to rebuild Springfield in any way you see fit. Unlike most other town building games, The Simpsons: Tapped Out gives you quests to complete in-between bouts of picking out where Fink's lab goes in relation to the Pet Cemetery. With dozens of your favorite characters to unlock and an almost endless array of ways to build your town, The Simpsons: Tapped Out earns a well deserved place on our list of the 100 Best iOS Games.

  • 52

    Monkey Island 2 Special Edition Le Chuck’s Revenge


    In the heyday of PC adventure games, Lucasarts was turning out gem after gem. Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge was one such game. After being given an extensive overhaul and pushed out into the App Store, we're free to relive the insane adventures of the most ridiculously named Guybrush Threepwood and all of his wise cracks. Monkey Island 2 was a classic and seeing it rendered anew is direct hit of nostalgia right through your fingertips. The game looks great while it still retains the personality that you remember from all those years ago. The story is fantastic and nothing less than you'd expect from adventure game guru Ron Gilbert. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition Le Chuck's revenge might be a mouthful to say, but it is a delight to play.

  • 51


    Activision Publishing, Inc.

    Pitfall Harry is a gaming character of legend. He'd finally built up the courage to jump from two dimensions into three here on iOS. Pitfall! is another endless running games, but instead of the boring sameness you get from other endless runners, you're treated to a menagerie of scenery. Some parts are side scrolling while others put you behind Harry for a more exciting view as you scamper around obstacles. For parts of the game, you aren't even running. Harry eschewed shoes for a motorcycle jaunt through a jungle full of low hanging logs. Whether you were a fan of the original games or just an endless running game junkie, Pitfall! is a worthy addition to your gaming library.