According to the Data analytics firm Flurry, the number of apps that were downloaded over the holidays took a huge leap forward and were the largest they've ever been for both iOS and Android.

Flurry, which keeps track of the number of downloads across the many app stores of the world, posted on their blog with a bunch of these interesting statistics. Especially worth noting is how important that last week of December happens to be. And it's all going to continue to increase.

From the Flurry post:

Looking forward to 2013, Flurry expects the trend of one-billion-download weeks to become the norm, and that the industry will surpass the two-billion download week during Q4. Following a year where Google and Apple drove unprecedented adoption of mobile devices, Facebook declared itself a “mobile” company, and Amazon and Microsoft both made significant investments into mobile computing, we look forward to continued record-breaking adoption of smart devices and applications.


Whoa! Well, looks like we'll have our hands full in 2013.