Gamers can be a fickle bunch. We’re passionate about our hobby. We love it. That’s why you get shouting matches over Xbox Live and pelvic thrusting taunts in Uncharted 3 Mulitplayer. When we do well, we want to shout it loud into the nearest microphone. But, some of us aren’t very graceful at losing or keeping our hobby under control. Hence this list of the Funniest Video Game Temper Tantrums.

Instead of disappointingly looking over the replay of what went wrong, these gamers kick and scream and snap their controllers. They shout obscenities on anyone getting between them and their game. They turn into frothing animals that look like they might be more at home in a straight jacket with heavy dose of lithium.

The following list is definitely not safe for work (lots of swearing), but it is totally safe for your enjoyment. Fake or real, each of these Funniest Video Game Temper Tantrums highlights the hilarious potential failings in every single one of us.

  • Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox

    Any gamer can relate to being under parental rule. Maybe your gaming time on the only TV in the house is under threat by old people and their love of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Maybe you simply don’t like being told when to turn off your game. Or maybe you've got a dad who doesn't want you hooking up your 360 to his favorite toy. Like this dad, who angrily made our list of the Funniest Video Game Temper Tantrums.

  • Stop Betraying Me

    Nothing is worse than being betrayed. It makes you reconsider all the trust you have for every one of your friends and family. Then again, you might just sit at your computer screaming that you’ll eat their first born son. Brotherly betrayal stings the worst and even more so when it is caught on camera. The creator of this video thought that it would be a fun prank to secretly film his brother playing an online multiplayer game and then proceed to repeatedly make this gamer’s life a digital hell. You have to applaud the poor victim for his vocal chords though. Most people would go hoarse before getting to the biblical references.

  • Game Boy Smash!

    Gaming on the go can be a huge advantage. It can take the boredom out of the most mundane errands. Waiting rooms become arenas for epic battles and car rides become sites for adventure. But, being able to hold a whole console in your hand is sometimes a curse for the easily irritated gamer. Couple this with an outdoor setting and you have a recipe for a smashed Game Boy. Concrete and plastic circuits don’t mix well.

  • Ukranian Tantrum

    This video is so nuts that it actually made the Ukrainian news. What does it take to make the Ukrainian news? We have no idea, but the noises coming out of this kid’s face are definitely newsworthy. Deleting a saved game is something that all gamers fear. Maybe you just made it through an impossible stage or you just took out a big boss, either way your triumph has been recorded and saved. Deleting that is very much cause for upset. But deleting your saved games as well as all of the games on your computer? Well, watch the video and listen to the sound of absolute fury. It sounds like a pissed off velociraptor.

  • Shiny Ponyta Encounter

    Anyone who ever said that gamers lack patience or an attention span has never seen this video. This kid has some insane dedication when it comes to finding rare Pokemon. Most of us would give up after seeing our 100,000th Evie or Goldeen. But not this guy. Rocking three Game Boys, this guy manages to find one of the rarest Pokemons ever. He is rightfully excited when that glinting Ponyta charges onto the screen. Thankfully, he had a Master Pokeball to nab the elusive flaming horse. Just imagine what would have happened if he didn’t snag that monster? The microphone would have exploded. Happy or sad, he made his way onto our list of the Funniest Video Game Temper Tantrums.

  • Changed World of Warcraft Password

    World of Warcraft creates some devotees that are willing to shun reality in favor of hot bars, cool downs, and spamming attacks. They are hooked on an alternate reality more addictive than nicotine, but without the black lung problem. If you somehow are in the room when someone’s WoW account is hacked and they can’t log in, god help you. You might even see an old CRT monitor go flying through the wall. This one guy in particular becomes so inarticulate in his anger that one word is all he can repeat over and over again. A note to WoW hackers: if you think what you’re doing is harmless fun, just watch this video and see what you are doing to these poor people. Why can’t you let them raid in peace instead of making them rage in real life?

  • German Poundcake

    Seriously kid, you are not helping out any angry German stereotypes here. Thanks to some subtitles, we get to learn that the cause of all his distress is a long loading time for Unreal Tournament. Loading times are something that we all have to get used to, and while they can be frustrating, the reward for our patience is well worth the wait. When the game finally loads up, this kid goes even more berserk! “Where’s the escape key?” It was getting the hell away from you before you ate the keyboard.

  • Cancelled WoW Subscription

    Parents, if you’re reading this and your kid has a World of Warcraft account, tread softly. Do NOT, we repeat, DO NOT EVER cancel their account. World of Warcraft is like digitized crack. Some gamers develop a dependent attachment on the game, like a lamprey to a shark. They follow whatever happens in Azeroth with bated breath and wait for the next cataclysmic event to happen. Parents, when you cut off your child off from this fantasy world of elves, orcs, and pandas, your kid might try and shove a remote control up their butt. That’s right. You’ve been warned.

  • Francis Loses his Diablo 3 Collectors Edition

    There is nothing better than ordering that behemoth collector’s edition of the most hotly anticipated game and waiting for it on release day. You’ve measured out space on your shelf so it will fit the new figurine perfectly and taken the day off from work. When your order is suddenly cancelled and your dreams of gamer bliss are shattered, you’re right to get angry. But when Francis rages, he really does rage. He had his stockpile of Mountain Dew and Pringles at the ready for a night of demons slaying. But it was dashed to bits. And what better way to take out your frustration than pleading on the phone with a big box retailer for your beloved game?


    This Funniest Video Game Temper Tantrum is one of the best things you'll see all day. Raiding is serious business in World of Warcraft. If you don’t plan the perfect attack then you’ll get your ass handed to you by a whole hoard of enemies. A properly executed raid needs the right balance of specialized players along with a battle plan and split second timing. All of that gets dashed when the now infamous LeroyJenkins abandons strategy for a more freeform approach. After his spectacular battle cry and sprint into battle, his confused party members enter the fray to be torn to pieces while cursing the house of Jenkins. No single moment in gaming is as well known. It has been featured on news stations around the world and the video has been watched by millions. Even today, that silly little guy with the battle cry and the following cries of anguish from his party still make us laugh. Was it staged? Who knows and who cares.

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