This list shows how crazy cash-ins can become when copyright law isn't enforced. Most of these consoles are just advertising tricks that try to make unsuspecting parents buy their kids a brick of a gaming system. However, some are actually useful, playing multi-console retro games or even playing games better than the console they were ripping off. Covering the good, the bad, and the incredibly ugly, these are the 10 Funniest Video Game Console Knockoffs.

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    PCP Game Advance

    What can you expect from a PSP knockoff that is named after drugs? We’ll tell you what you can expect: a crappy LCD game! It’s barely even a console, as you actually have to take out and swap the screen in order to play different LCD titles. Heck, the backlight only comes in from one side. They couldn’t even get that right! That’s why the PCP Game Advance is #10 on our list of 10 Funniest Video Game Console Knockoffs.

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    Alright, get this through your head. The Battman looks like an Xbox, has PlayStation style controllers, a disturbingly realistic looking gun, and a Famicom cartridge... and it's named after a comic book character. Heck, to add insult to injury it actually has a movie posted from Batman & Robin photoshopped right on the box. You may have also seen this console marketed under names such as the Xtreme Box. No matter the name, the product is the same, a Famicom clone system loaded with redundant games.

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    Mega Drive Extreme

    Extreme? Xbox? Get it? Regardless of how this console looked, it had absolutely nothing to do with Xbox games. Instead, it was just a crappy Sega Genesis rip-off with an Xbox coat of paint. It also had controllers that looked like PS1 controllers with a PS2 coat of paint and six buttons on the face. Some versions also had a light gun that looked like one of those cheap cap guns you get at the dollar store.

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    Power Play Super Joy III

    The Super Joy III was another one of those weird consoles that was all over the place. The console itself was shaped like an N64 controller, but it plugged directly into the TV. A second player could get in on the action by using a controller that really looked a lot more like a Genesis controller. What did this mishmash of a console actually play? Rip-off NES titles.

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    The i-Dong, aside from having an absolutely hilarious name, is trying very hard to rip-off the Kinect, and it does an OK job. It is a motion sensing peripheral that uses a sensor, IR lights, and a reflector pads to tell where its accompanying controller is. It works a lot more like a Wii than a Kinect. It’s also universal, able to attach to any PC and most set-top boxes.

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    Neo Double

    We return from the world of usefulness and had back to the world of crap with the Neo Double. This Nintendo DS rip-off advertises two screens… but one of them is fake. Some of the buttons on this rip-off console don’t even work. In fact, some of the buttons aren’t even buttons! The hinge on the clamshell design doesn’t even work; you have to hold it open with your finger. All of this, just so you can play more crappy LCD games on screens that have broken pixels with a backlight that obscures all the action anyway. Its sheer horrible nature is why it got on our list of the 10 Funniest Video Game Console Knockoffs.

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    The Treamcast… just replace the D with a T and no one will notice. The Treamcast was unique in that it actually played the games of the console it was trying to knock-off. Treamcasts were actually made of Dreamcast hardware that had been modified and resold. In fact, Treamcasts had custom firmware which allowed them to play international games, CD-Rs, video discs, MP3 discs, and more… so in a way they were strictly better than the Dreamcast. It even had a built in monitor. They only came with crappy Sega Genesis style controllers though, but they were compatible with the basic Dreamcast controller, so one basic controller purchase got you a better knock off console than the original.

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    PX 3600

    While the PX 3600 looks like some sort of weird hybrid of the PS3 and the Xbox 360, it doesn’t play games from either. In fact, it doesn’t even have a disc drive. That disc tray on the console is fake. It doesn’t even open. Instead it just plays low grade pre-installed games on crappy unresponsive controllers. While the console does advertise controller vibration, only one controller actually vibrates, and not all that much.

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    The PolyStation isn’t just one console. It is, in fact, a whole line of PlayStation knockoffs. The PolyStation One started it all. Despite its appearance, it’s actually just an NES clone and, once again, has no disc drive or capability of playing PlayStation games. Some Polystations came with a game cart slot, but most just had games pre-installed, and half of these games were clones of each other with minor hacks or palette swaps. What’s worse, is that the knockoffs get worse as they go up in number, with the PolyStation 3 only playing horrible in-screen LCD games.

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    Chintendo Vii

    Finally, at the top of our 10 Funniest Video Game Console Knockoffs list, is the Chintendo Vii. The Vii was a knockoff that didn’t play knockoff games. Instead, it had its cartridge which mostly ripped off Wii Sports. Unfortunately, the motion control on the Vii was horrendous and the buttons didn’t work all that well either. The most complicated games that you’ll get here are Arkanoid clones, sprite based fishing games, or ping pong. It also has a game called Fry Egg where you… well, you can figure it out.

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