Learn why Heihachi Mishima must die in Tekken 7 with this extended trailer from Comic-Con.

Tekken's longtime producer, Katsuhiro Harada, has revealed the first details about Tekken 7 during a Namco Bandai panel at San Diego Comic-Con, according to Polygon. Harada mentioned that Tekken 7's plot will be the conclusion of the Mishima clan story. We will get to find out why Heihachi has been trying to kill his descendants in every game. Harada confirmed that Lars, the illegitimate son of Heihachi, will be returning. He also mentioned that Tekken 7 will revolve around one-on-one battles and will not feature tag team fighting.

"We're still formulating the basic gameplay systems and polishing them," Harada said.

Tekken 7's characters will be designed by seven guest artists, including the character designers of Bayonetta, Fire Emblem: Awakening, No More Heroes and Anarchy Reigns. The cinematic intro to Tekken 7 will be directed by Shinji Aramaki, known for 'Space Pirate Captain Harlock,' 'Halo Legends' and 'Appleseed.'

Unfortunately, there has yet to be any word as to when Tekken 7 will release. Given its use Unreal Engine 4, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are almost guaranteed platforms for its launch.

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