Bandai Namco Games' upcoming fighter, Tekken 7, has taken to Japanese Arcades before its inevitable console releases, but it's not quite done adding to the final roster.

Tekken 7's characters have been a bit of a controversy every since Lucky Chloe got released, but that hasn't stopped Katsuhiro Harada from bringing new characters into the game... hopefully. Shoryuken reports that there is some Tekken 7 data suggesting that soon Jin Kazama, Devil Jin along with a few other new characters will be joining the game's ranks.

Although Jin died in Tekken 6, many fans wondered if he would have an appearance in Tekken 7. Now, they may have an answer. Jin ended up dying in an effort to kill off Devil Gene since it took so dang long, so it makes sense that he would come back as not only Jin Kazama, but also Devil Jin. Let this be proof that no fighting game characters ever die, whether it be Liu Kang, Gouken or Jin.

This leaked information shows four new characters, which include the two versions of Jin. However, there are also two new characters that are revealed in the character data as well. You can see all the pictures below, but the first of the two new characters is a female fighter that's adorned in a short dress. The second is a huge, hulking red monster dude with a bunch of metal tubing clinging to it.

For now, since the full version of Tekken 7 was just released in Japanese arcades on March 18, we have a feeling we won't be seeing its Xbox One or PlayStation 4 release in the West until 2016.

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