A special Bandai Namco event over the weekend revealed three additional characters being added to the roster of Tekken 7, including one brand new entry into the franchise.

Jin Kazama finally makes his official, playable debut into the newest Tekken game, graduating from the role of hidden sub-boss. His minute-long teaser above shows off some old and new combos, as well as what looks like a few frames of invincibility before some attacks. As if Jin wasn't powerful enough on his own, now he's getting super armor to boot (but he's not the Armor King, get it?).

Next is Jin's diabolical alter ego Devil Jin, who like previous games play similarly to Jin but adds a Pink Floyd-esque laser light show to his arsenal. We have never before seen some of the combos from Devil Jin featured in his teaser below, so perhaps some further effort was made to make the character more unique compared to his non-devil counterpart. Also, that super move looks really, really painful.

We also get a brand new face added to the Tekken franchise in Josie Rizal. According to Shoryuken, Josie is of Filipino descent, a first for the franchise. Mad Catz community manager Mark "MarkMan" Julio, also Filipino, gave his personal knowledge to the development for her design. Her teaser shows a lot of strong kicks and a few Steve-like lean moves, which makes us even more intrigued about this new fighter.

Jin will be added to Japanese arcades this week, with Devil Jin to follow on April 7. No set timetable has been announced for Josie, but we anticipate that players won't have to wait long. Now for the most important question of all: when's Tekken 7 coming to the West? We already know it's coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so a Western release is pretty much inevitable at this point.

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