With every new iteration of Tekken that springs to life comes a new model of the fighting robot known as Jack, and now we know that Tekken 7 will be no exception. Jack-7 is here, and he's ready to fight.

The robotic rumbler has been officially revealed via a minute-long trailer uploaded to the Tekken YouTube channel. He mostly resembles Jack models of old, only this guy's mohawk is a shocking pink and he glows a green light throughout his muscular body. He still looks like he packs a wallop, flattening Alisa in the trailer with broad attacks and more than a few machine-gun punches. We're hoping he still uses his Cossack Dance in the heat of battle.

This new design for Jack has some strange choices, but we're not complaining about any of them. We're hoping that alternate costumes will change the color of the glowing light in Jack-7's body, and it'd be even sweeter if we could customize his colors ourselves. We can see the Twitter pics of custom Jack-7 designs now, lighting up our feeds with streaks of every color in the spectrum.

The trailer does not reveal when Jack-7 will be added to the arcade versions, so Jack fans will have to wait a bit longer to play as him. We'd also like to quickly point out that Tekken 7 character reveals are coming more and more frequently as we approach E3 2015, so perhaps a home console version will soon be revealed. That'd be neat of Bandai Namco, wouldn't it?

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