Despite all the focus on Pokken Tournament and Tekken 7, Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada claims development on Tekken X Street Fighter is still well underway.

It has been five years since Tekken X Street Fighter was announced during San Diego Comic-Con, and we haven't seen much of it since the announcement. While Street Fighter X Tekken (which played more like a Street Fighter game featuring both rosters) launched three years ago, there haven't been many updates pertaining to its more Tekken-oriented counterpart. Nevertheless, Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada reassured Famitsu readers that the crossover's development continues (courtesy of Siliconera).

When asked whether or not the project was scrapped, here's what the producer had to say:

That’s not true! I’ve been saying this since before, but the fact of the matter is that we’re at a pretty far stage into its development. It might seem like we haven’t started on it at all, but the character lineup has been decided upon since a very long time ago, and we’ve already finished the polygon models, moves, and systems.

Unfortunate for those looking forward to this crossover's return, Harada has been focusing his attention on developing Tekken 7's unannounced but inevitable console releases and expanding its arcade version. He has also been developing Pokken Tournament with the Pokemon Company. Rumor has it he's also working on a VR project for the PS4's Project Morpheus headset.

Since Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V are most likely going to launch worldwide in 2016, Harada believes this might be the wrong time to launch Tekken X Street Fighter. We believe the contrary, if they would have been able to launch it this year. A 2015 launch of Tekken X Street Fighter would have been perfect to hold fans of either franchise over until the launch of both games.

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