Bandai Namco has announced the latest entry of its Tales RPG series. Say hello to Tales of Berseria and its leading lady, Velvet.

Gematsu reports Tales of Berseria was formally unveiled during Bandai Namco's Tales of Festival in Yokohama, Japan. Anime studio Ufotable will be in charge of the game's animated cutscenes while Berseria's character designs will be handled by Matsumi Inomata and Kosuke Fujishima. Berseria will feature a lone female protagonist named Velvet in the spotlight. Velvet, voiced by Rina Sato (who played Presa in Tales of Xillia 1-2 and Baby 5 in One Piece),was shown to have a look similar to Milla from Tales of Xillia, but with black hair.

The latest Tales game, Tales of Zestiria, expected to make its Western debut sometime in Q3 2015, was the center of a large controversy recently (warning: spoilers inbound). Previous Tales games would let you choose between a female or male protagonist, with both characters leading the story together. While Zestiria only featured a female protagonist, it surprised everyone by switching the female lead out for another one later on in the game. The double heroine situation upset a lot of Japanese players, as the replacement character wasn't as prominent in the game's promotional ads as the first. In response to this controversy, Bandai Namco representatives noted that Velvet will be the lone protagonist for the entirety of Tales of Berseria.

Since Tales of Vestiria is expected to debut on PS3 and PS4 sometime in Q3 2015, we have a feeling Tales of Berseria won't launch in Japan until early 2016. We have a feeling we won't get to play as Velvet until late 2016.