Inside sources claim that Alex, Urien, R. Mika and Karin are on the way for Street Fighter V, as Blanka has been all but confirmed.

While producer Yoshinori Ono revealed a new Brazilian stage for Street Fighter V, he also strongly hinted that Blanka is making a return (he even wore a Blanka suit and had Blanka statues in front of the camera during his unveiling of the stage in the video above). Siliconera claims that inside sources have told them that Urien, Alex, Karin Kanzuki and R. Mika are all on the way to the game's main roster. About a month and a half ago, we reported that R. Mika and Karin topped some Capcom popularity polls and that Ono said the next reveal would feature a character we haven't seen in a long time. While this next character was revealed to be Birdie, we have a feeling Mika and Karin will be next. Nevertheless, we still suggest for our readers to take this information with a grain of salt.

Both Karin and R. Mika made their franchise debuts in Street Fighter Alpha 3, and it's been quite some time since they took the spotlight. The speedo-clad Urien was in Street Fighter III , and the same goes for Alex. Karin, Alex and Urien appeared in Capcom Fighting Evolution. Alex was also a playable character in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Nevertheless, we really hope Capcom adds this crew into Street Fighter V, as it's time we diversified the roster a bit with some of the lesser-known characters of the franchise.

Street Fighter V will launch for PC and PS4 in the spring of 2016.

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