Bandai Namco's free-to-play dungeon crawler for the Wii U has been officially rebranded as Lost Reavers.

This co-op online exclusive for the Wii U has undergone a name change, as the dungeon crawler formerly known as Project Treasure will now be called Lost Reavers (courtesy of Gematsu). Bandai Namco made this announcement to help herald the start of Lost Reavers' online beta, which should be launching soon in Japan. Lost Reavers takes the challenging aspects of Dark Souls and gives it some lighter gameplay with some online co-op thrown into the mix.

Lost Treasure/Project Reavers is all about collecting secret treasure caches and relics all over the world. You and some friends will have to go spelunking in various dungeons, ruins and other dangerous areas to unearth ancient goodies. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of traps and monsters you'll need to get by in order to score the big one. You'll need to bring the relics back out of the dungeon by hand, so you're going to have to protect the member of your party carrying the relic, as they'll be tremendously burdened by the treasure and won't be able to properly fend for themselves.

Unfortunately, there's still no launch window for Lost Reavers' Western release, if there's one even happening. Given how shaky Nintendo has been towards localizing third-party games from Japan, we wouldn't be surprised if Lost Reavers doesn't make it.

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