Many first-party Nintendo titles are geared towards general audiences who want to have fun with the game they have without having to worry about all the bells and whistles of online gameplay. While this means that many of Nintendo's games are pretty shallow when it comes to online functionality/multiplayer, they're meant to be enjoyed with a group of friends in the living room.

The Wii U's broad audience means there's a lot here for everyone. That doesn't mean that every game has to be "kiddie," but come on, who doesn't enjoy a round of Super Smash Bros. with their friends? It doesn't matter what age you are, Mario games always offers a fun, easy to learn but tough to master experience. This holiday season, we've decided to bring together a variety of Wii U-related gifts that are sure to cater to all kinds of gamers out there. There are some mature titles in here for older gamers, as well as games all ages can enjoy. If you're looking for Wii U gift alternatives that we didn't list here, you can't go wrong with Super Smash Bros., Splatoon or Mario Kart 8.

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