The latest character for Tekken 7 has been revealed on the game's Japanese YouTube account, and we're not sure what the heck to make out of him, but he looks pretty intense.

Giygas Gigas is the name of this new behemoth, and he looks like a cross between Raiden from Metal Gear Rising (without the sword) and Bane from Batman — he's basically Brock Lesnar combined with Psycho Mantis. He attacks with slow and powerful punches, based on his reveal trailer, while also sporting the ability to grab opponents out of the air and slam them back down for extended combo damage. Not much is known about Gigas or where he fits in Tekken 7's storyline, but we'll mostly likely be finding out in the next few weeks.

Ordinarily, we'd be asking a lot of questions like "what in Tekken's name is going on with this dude?" or "has Harada lost his mind?", but let's be honest here: this is a franchise that has featured a boxing kangaroo, a grizzly bear, and a sentient wooden training doll as fighters, so what's a seemingly genetically altered meathead going to hurt? Gigas fits right in with the rest of the crew, and we're looking forward to watching just how much hurt he'll inflict on the competition.

Gigas joins the playable Tekken 7 roster in Japanese arcades starting April 28, and Tekken 7 will launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in the future, but we have a feeling we won't see its Western console debut until 2016.

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