It's battle of the unkillable bad guys as Heihachi and Kazuya go Revenge of the Sith/Street Fighter IV and start fighting in a volcano during Tekken 7's cinematic intro.

The cinematic intro for Tekken 7 proves that the Mishima family is in dire need of group therapy. The cutscene starts off with Tekken's evil frontmen, Heihachi and Kazuya, going at it in the middle of a volcano. That's right, Tekken is doing father vs. son the same way Street Fighter IV presented Gouken vs. Akuma (teacher vs. student) and 'Star Wars' did Obi-Wan vs. Anakin (teacher vs. student). As expected, Kazuya's devil powers were needed for the fight, providing some awesome eye lasers that would make Scott Summers proud.

We also get some of Kazumi Mishima's backstory. Since Kazumi is the mother of Kazuya and supposedly the first person in the Mishima family to carry the devil gene (which gets passed on to Kazuya and Jin). She can be seen saying, "It's up to me. I must stop Heihachi. Even if this power consumes me and kills me in the process." You know, because sleeping with and marrying the guy and spawning his demon-filled descendants is the perfect way to stop an evil madman.

Tekken 7 is launching in Japanese arcades later this month. While no console versions have been confirmed, we have a feeling we'll be seeing Tekken 7 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One down the line.

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